Automatic transmission oil service

Most of the failures come from poorly equipped work shops that do not recommend or carry out proper servicing. Reconditioned or second hand transmission cost from $1500.

Using Wynn’s specialist workshop equipment, this service restores the transmission performance you expect.

Helps avoid premature transmission failure
Revitalises seals and o-rings
Regular service will keep your transmission clean, also make it last longer

The Problem

Over a period of time, Automatic Transmission Fluid degrades and deteriorates. Frequent gear changes in city driving or high temperature operation when towing takes its toll on ageing fluid. 90% of the transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.


Before Service: Old Oil After Service: New Oil

Traditionally transmission drain and fill services only replace around 40% of the old fluid, and can result in loosened sludge and varnish deposits causing shift problems and even transmission failure.

Wynn’s Transmission Flush Service uses advanced equipment to safely remove contamination and replace over 95% of the old fluid with fresh, new fluid.

Before Service: Transmission Cooler. After Service: Transmission Cooler

Before Service: Torque Converter. After Service: Torque Converter
Old, tired transmission fluid leads to poor gearshifts, poor performance and poor fuel economy.
Ask for a Transmission Service on your vehicle TODAY!

Rejuvenates Your Transmission

Ensuring your transmission fluid is flushed and changed at major services prolongs the life of your transmission and dramatically improves the performance and quality of your gear changes.

The Wynn’s Transmission Service:

Thoroughly cleans your automatic transmission internally
Removes at least 95% of old, contaminated fluid
Re-fills your transmission with fresh new fluid and with the addition of Wynn’s Professional Formula Transmission Treatment
Prolongs the life of your transmission
Helps prevent costly repairs.