MCR Automotive

After 10 years of being in business I was ready to take a bit of a lesser front role in the business and focus of the more technical side.

A sub-contractor that was carrying out the excess work that i had.wanted to take over the service and repair side, Eugene seamed competent and we came to an agreement for Eugene to take over the service and repair side of the business. Leaving me to take care of the performance side and more advanced diagnostics that Eugene was lacking in.

On the day of the change over Eugene’s financial backers pulled out, leaving Eugene unable to pay and a new contract for purchase needed to be drawn up.I let Eugene take over as planned with his business name (Rand saver autos ltd) As it was to be a short time that the new paper work would be signed.

My trusting and helpful nature left me open to the scam that Eugene was carrying out.

He never signed any paperwork and came up with excuse after excuse. While all the time using my accounts. I finally locked him out of the business and paid his debts that he had created in my business name.This was in the tens of thousands.

Strangely Eugene had enough money to start business around the corner and called himself “MCR Automotive” and took my main phone number and data base with him, I got the phone number back. Eugene is now operating under expert automotive ltd. He still has not paid any of the debt he encumber MCR Automotive with.

So with great sadness we have had to change the name of MCR performance and MCR Automotive to House of boost.

I will be running this without staff but you will still have the great service and quality you have enjoyed over the past 11 years of us operating.

Over the years some bad feed back gets left, but over the last year there has been more bad feed back than ever due to Eugene.