Until we make our own video about the Pro-Cut 9.2 we thought you may want to see how we use this machine.

Pro-Cut PFM 9.2 is an On-Car Brake Lathe that resurfaces discs increasing their lifespan which not only saves the environment but also financially benefits you.

pro-cut 9


How do Brakes Wear?

As you accumulate kilomeyers on your vehicle, your brakes are subjected to repeated heating and cooling. This fact, along with your own driving habits, the type of road you travel, the breakdown of brake pad material, and the accumulation of dirt, will distort and scar the discs surfaces so that they are no longer smooth, flat, straight or even thickness, or develop lips on outer edges.

This Machine Will Save You Money

Whether you have solid, grooved or vented brake discs that are corroded, distorted, warped or squealing. The brake lathe attaches to the vehicle’s hub and resurfaces the disc true to the hub’s axis, insuring that the original manufacturer’s tolerances are once again achieved. Pro-Cut’s Rotor

Matching System can even service ABS and trapped discs. After having your vehicle’s brakes serviced with Pro-Cut’s RMS, your brakes will perform like new for a fraction of the cost of new discs. So you save on the price of new discs, pads and the labour to fit them. Did you know that manufacturers warranty on all brake pads is void if the brake discs are not machined at the time of replacing the pads? Think about it!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Depending on the car this will be a significant saving for you and it also reduces the number of discs bought and sold every year which helps towards reducing the worlds carbon footprint.

The Best Brake Solution

The Pro-Cut PFM 9.2 On-Car Brake Lathe is the solution to maintaining your vehicle’s discs. Pro-Cut’s RMS technology is the only patented system for matching hubs to discs directly. The PFM 9.2 comprises the latest technology, research and development to ensure it produces near perfect results every time. For more information on the Pro-Cut PFM 9.2 On-Car Brake Lathe and TRW brake pads please contact us at MCR Automotive.

Brake Pads

Employing leading-edge technology, developed in the demanding European market, TRW offer advanced stopping power that stands out from the competition. Virtually every driver can benefit from the premium performance, enhanced comfort and wide range of availability for both passenger car and SUV.(TRW or Thermo quiet is what we recommend, but if not available other brands are used)

When you service your disc brakes  with us, we will machine the discs and you will have manufacturers warranty on brake pads.
Brake squeals are only covered for one month, Brake repairs are only covered for road use.