Cam-belt or timing belt


The cam belt system (also known as the timing belt) is responsible for the timing of valve and piston movement in your engine. When this timing falls out of sync

component collision can result and cause serious engine damage.  With this in mind, breakage is not the only reason to replace your cam belt. A worn or loose cam belt can jump and alter the valve timing which in turn can result in very poor performance, a non-start condition, and even engine damage.

We only use the highest quality cam belts and component kits at MCR. Our facility is equipped with the specialist tools required to carry out this vital service, so let MCR handle all your cam belts and associated components.


Cam belts should be replaced according to manufacturer’s guidelines. If you think your cam belt might be due for replacement, contact us today with your vehicle details and mileage and we will advise you if and when your cam belt is due to be replaced.

Remember, at MCR all our work and parts are guaranteed. We are a reputable local business established for over 4 years and we are family orientated. This means that you can be sure of the quality of our work and that our honest pricing is always guaranteed.

Contact us today to discuss your cam belt replacement. We always recommend that Water pump, Cam and Crank Seals, tensioners and Hydraulic tensioners are replaced at the same time of Cam belt replacement. If your shopping around on price only make sure there quoting for the same quality repairs, not just belt replacement only