Terms of trade

MCR Automotive will carry out the repairs and work (the work) described on Service page in respect of the motor vehicle. MCR Automotive will supply and fit all necessary parts and materials Including some recommended repairs. The Owner will pay MCR Automotive the charges due In respect of the work and the parts and materials supplied by MCR Automotive under this Agreement.Unless otherwise agreed by MCR Automotive In writing,the Owner will pay the full amount due on the earlier of the completion of the work or collection of the motor vehicle. MCR Automotive is entitled to increase the charges payable by the Owner for any product or service provided under this Agreement to include any goods and services tax payable by MCR Automotive in respect of the supply of that product or service. If any amount payable by the Owner is not paid by the due date, Interest on that amount will be payable at the rate of  2% fixed, per month,. All collection costs will be charged to the Owner. Any leagal costs on a client solicitor bases.
The Owner warrants that they are entitled to grant a lien, and hereby grants a lien over the motor vehicle (including all its equipment accessories and contents) to secure the due payment of all charges arising under this Agreement, including storage charges, interest charges and any additional charges. MCR Automotive will notify the Owner when the motor vehicle is available for collection. Actual notice will be sufficient for these purposes; notice sent by properly pre-paid post will be deemed to be actually given to the Owner two days after posting. If the Owner does not collect the motor vehicle within two days (excluding days on which MCR Automotive is not open for business) of MCR Automotive giving notice to the Owner, the Owner will pay MCR Automotive a storage charge of $20.00 per day (or part thereof). The Owner IS personally liable for all amounts payable under this Agreement, regardless of any insurance or other contractual arrangement it may have. Unless otherwise agreed. MCR Automotive will complete the work in a reasonable time. If an estimated or specific time for completion is given by MCR Automotive, it will not be liable for any delay due to circumstances beyond its control. The Owner authorises MCR Automtive to order on its behalf any parts or materials necessary to carry out the work. Unless other wise agreed in writing, the Owner must pay to MCR Automotive the full cost of obtaining any such parts and materials (including any costs arising from currency fluctuations between the date the parts and materials were ordered and paid for) The servants or agents of MCR Automotive may test drive or carry out tests of the motor vehicle at MCR Automotive discretion and may, if requested by the Owner, collect or re-deliver it where nominated by the Owner and MCR Automotive will not be liable to the Owner for any damage which occurs to or IS caused by the motor vehicle during such driving or testing, unless it arises from the Gross negligence of MCR Automotive or its servants or agents.MCR Automotive will not without the Owner’s prior authorisation carry out any work or supply any materials which are not included or referred to in the work. However, the Owner may in writing or verbally , rally or by an agent authorise additional work to be performed or materials to be supplied. If additional work or materials are duly authorised, the Owner will be liable to pay for the additional work or materials the amount which is agreed at the time of authorisation or , failing such agreement, a reasonable sum. Subject to any NZ law implying a non-excludable obligation or right under this Agreement, MCR Automotive liability In respect of faulty workmanship or defective parts is limited to direct rectification and the replacement or repalr (at MCR Automotive discretion) of defective parts free of charge. MCR Automotive will not be liable in any way for losses or claims arising directly or indirectly from the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. All parts claimed by the Owner to be defective must be returned at the Owner’s expense in no longer than 7 days after work has
been done in order to establish the alleged defect before any replacement or repair must be undertaken. If out work is required to determine whether failier was due to parts or workmanship this will be at the owners expense. Providing a courtesy vehicle is entirely at MCR Automotive’s discretion at a daily cost starting from $35. The customer shall also be liable for supply relevant details as required by the Police relating to any impoundment, towage and storage and costs. All fines (Tolls), road charges shall be paid for by the customer The standard New Zealand car insurance excess is NZ$1500 including GST Or under 21yo excess is $2000.This should be the maximum you would have to pay in the event of an car accident.unless the insurance is declined.
Moulton car repair ltd trading as MCR Automotive since 2006