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“Very happy with the service from MCR. Called in to make an appointment to replace my spark plugs. Geoff was kind enough to start work on the spot for me so that I didn’t have to walk 30 minutes to work and back. I was even charged half the amount I was quoted on the phone whereas most mechanics stick to the original quote even if it takes less time than quoted. Happy to say MCR is a mechanic I can trust sending Mum or the misses to without any worries. Thanks again Geoff.”
Rating by: David  |   Rating posted: 25th Oct at 3:57pm  |

A big fan of yours

“Finally a mechanic that does not take shortcuts! Geoffrey is a proper mechanic that takes the time to make things right the first time. Looking at other responses this is probably Geoffrey’s weakness – He does things properly and this does cost a little more than going a 1/2 job sufficient to get a “WOF”. I have used Geoffrey for many years and cannot recommend him and MCR automotive highly enough. Rating by: Llewellyn  |   Rating posted: 19th Jul at 6:35pm

A big fan of yours